Old Peevey Guitar

24 Oct 2019

Refurbishing my old electric guitar.

When I was a teenager, my parents found an old beat up electric guitar at a garage sale. It was pitted, scratched and stained, and was missing a knob, but the neck was sound and the electronics worked. So they sanded it down and slapped some furniture stain on it and gave it to me as a Christmas present.

Fast forward thir- cough cough years. We moved to Texas from California ten years ago and that guitar has been sitting under the bed the whole time. I pulled it out a few weeks ago and opened the case. It was one of those moments frozen in time for me. All the blood drained from my face as my mind tried to grapple with the horror that was my old, treasured guitar.

Sad Peevey Sad Peevey

The furniture stain gummed up and stuck to the foam of the case it was in. The whole thing was covered in varying layers of gooey foam particles.

So now I'm mid-stride in a guitar refurbishing project. Sanding this beastie down has been a huge hassle. I've gone through about 30 sanding pads on my rotary tool, and maybe sprained one of my fingers from gripping the tool like a two year old who found momma's lipstick.

Hopefully I can put it back together, too.

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